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tip #4

know your client's_BUSINESS

"get personal"

4 | seven-part series

· Business Development,Client Value,Communication

the human touch_GET PERSONAL

I've shared some tips on how to better understand your client's business. I hope it's sparked some new ideas and some action. In this post my focus is more personal.

The client is an entity, but it exists because of people—each with a unique and interesting story. 

Find out about his or her story.

Here are some possible questions:

What career would she love to have in her next life?

What is his favorite hobby?

What's on her bucket list?

What's her idea of fun?

To connect in this way is important. Do it face-to-face. Communication is far more nuanced and precious than words in an email, a voice on the telephone or a face in a video. 

Take the time.

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