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Passion Project '22

· Belonging,Inclusiveness,Compassion,Kindness
My passion project for 2022 is to bring you personal stories about belonging at work with I BELONG HERE..., a year-long monthly series starting January 2022.
Belonging is a feeling. To create a culture of belonging, business leaders need to institute more than policies. They need to institute practices that move the individuals who work for them to feel: I belong here. The series will explore the behaviors, practices, and routines that foster belonging through the stories of those who experience belonging where they work.
Why is I BELONG passion project? Because I'm committed to being a steadfast advocate for a more inclusive, kind, and compassionate culture at work.

Let's collaborate:

  • Do you feel a sense of belonging where you work? If your answer is  yes, I invite you to help me tell your story in I BELONG HERE... 
  • Email me at and I'll send you the details. Please include your full name and where you work.

Join me in sharing your story and contributing to making the workplace a more inclusive, kind, and compassionate place. Your story will be published on LinkedIn and on (coming 1/22)

Our humanity needs more individuals feel and can declare:!

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