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  • Rose Ors | ClientSmart

    Rose Ors

    I help you tell your stories.

    I am the founder of ClientSmart. For three years, I taught my legal industry clients new and refined ways to think about the business of law.

    Today, I write stories my clients want to tell.

    Here's my story:


    It all started in 2017 when I got a crazy and wonderful idea to create a column where I interview influential members of the legal community and ask them questions that bring to the forefront what I call, "the person behind the title." The idea became a reality when Thomson Reuters said "yes" to the idea and published my first interview with the always insightful Mark Chandler, CLO of Cisco.


    Fast-forward to today, and I have had the great pleasure to interview and profile some of the leading thinkers and doers in the legal industry. I invite you to read their stories in my monthly column, Upfront & Personal.


    As a result of the success of Upfront & Personal, other clients have asked me to do interviews and write stories for them. In the process, I have found a new calling— writing pieces that move conversations and relationships forward in a meaningful way.


    I bring to my new adventure over 25 years of building relationships in the legal industry and providing creative approaches to the business of law. I also bring my experience as a serial entrepreneur inside and outside the world of law. Lastly, I bring a love for telling stories that celebrate people, ideas, and movements.

  • My Work

    I write to bring a little more humanity and curiosity into our world.

    Learn about the person behind the title.

    Click here to read the profiles. Scroll down to the Upfront & Personal Gallery to see the fantastic people who have graciously shared their personal stories with us.

    Learn what influences and inspires legal thought leaders.

    Bill Henderson, Jae Um, Dan Katz, Rochael Adranly, Firoz Dattu​, Mark Cohen +++

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    Articles, Musings & Ruminations

    Articles on CLOC, Artificial Intelligence, Leadership, Knowing Your Clients, Winning the RFP, Operational Excellence, Design Thinking, Procurement, Law Firm Pricing Officers, Key Client Programs, Corporate Sustainability +++

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    Articles, Musings & Ruminations

    January 24, 2019 · Sustainability,Culture,General Counsel,Legal Department,In-House Counsel
    A component of corporate sustainability is the trust that a company earns in protecting the interest of the communities it impacts. This was a central theme at Sustainability Week, hosted by Berkeley Center for Law and Business and Berkeley’s Business in Society Institute, in November. At the...
    December 11, 2018 · Executive Education,In-House Counsel,AI
    The artificial intelligence (AI) explosion is a game changer. A recent PwC report estimates that AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030. The rush by nations to lead the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has been likened to the space race of the 20th century. So, true...
    November 17, 2018 · Client Value,Corporate Legal,Leadership,Executive Execution,General Counsel
    BERKELEY, Calif. — Those who learn, lead. I not only like the sound of this phrase, I think it’s true. And it was also the predominant theme at the recent UC Berkeley General Counsel Institute, which shone a light on how in-house lawyers are learning to lead.   The Institute, co-sponsored by the...
    November 3, 2018 · Personal growth
    I vote to honor my parents who, in 1962, saw me board a plane from Havana to Miami. The plane was one of many flights carrying only children—children whose parents, like mine, made the heroic and heart-wrenching decision that it was better to never see their children again than have their...
    June 16, 2018 · Client Value,Client relations,Legal Operations,Data Analyics,Legal Innovation
    Nearly a decade ago, Adobe’s legal department began the journey toward operational excellence. The legal department has since gone on to refine and improve its operations and has become a model for other legal departments. It has also become a leading innovator in recruiting diverse legal talent....
    May 8, 2018 · CLOC,Client Value,Client mindset,Business Development
    LAS VEGAS — The voice of the general counsel was prominent at this year’s CLOC Institute, the annual gathering of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, shining through in numerous panels and plenary discussions.   Throughout the event, the distinguished group of General Counsel speakers —...
    May 1, 2018 · CLOC,Leadership,Personal Stories
    LAS VEGAS — At last week’s CLOC Institute, the annual gathering of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, the personal story took center stage, starting at the event’s first plenary session. At the session, “Women in Legal Leadership Roles: The General Counsel’s Perspective,” Connie Brenton,...
    August 11, 2017 · Communication
    As part of my research for an article I am writing, I have been looking at the websites of about 100 law firms. Although not pertinent to my article, I began to notice how some firms use the word "professional staff" while others use only the word "staff" in describing all those who are not...
    August 1, 2017 · Client mindset,Client experience,Design Thinking
    How can we best serve our clients? It’s a decades old business question that has taken on a palpable urgency in the halls of law firms and corporate legal departments alike. But how do you go about answering the question? Welcome to design thinking!   The literature on design thinking is...
    July 29, 2017 · Legal Operations,CLOC,Client Value
    CLOC — A BIG Story In the legal industry, CLOC is a BIG story. Why? Because CLOC — the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium — has galvanized the legal operations professionals in both small and large corporate legal departments around an overriding purpose: To modernize how legal services are...
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  • Testimonials

    Connie Brenton | Director of

    Legal Operations, NetApp

    "You have an intuition and a style that brings out the soul of those you connect with and write about. It's an amazing talent. I was honored to have been part of your contributions and insights into leaders in the legal community."

    Rosanna Neagle | VP for Legal Affairs at Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream/Nespresso USA​

    "Thank you Rose for creating this platform [Upfront & Personal] to share our stories. Your questions were insightful and-- for me--perfectly timed as I close out a long chapter as a corporate lawyer and embark on the next adventure(s). Your creative energy and enthusiasm will be an inspiration!"

    Mark Chandler | Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer​, Cisco

    "Rose Ors is a smart, sophisticated and highly professional journalist who knows the legal space backward and forward. I've worked with her on a couple of stories. In both cases, she was able to capture not just the words (which she did concisely and accurately), but the spirit as well -- so that the reader could understand context. She's great to work with, and her ability to relate well to the people she interviews does not interfere with the independence, judgment and objectivity required to create credible stories. I don't hesitate to work with her on any story where we have a desire to participate."

    Jennifer Warner | Vice President Legal, Columbia Sportswear

    "I recently had the chance to be interviewed by Rose for her Upfront & Personal series. It was a great experience. Rose was able to inspire a level of genuine self-reflection that I would never have expected. Such a pleasure to work with her!"

    Mark Smolick | General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer,

    DHL Supply Chain Americas

    "Rose you are an inspiring and creative writer. Although I can surely only speak for myself and my team, we oftentimes go about our daily routines so focused on seeking opportunities to continuously drive meaningful value to the organizations we serve that we have little time to learn about others in the industry in a way portrayed by Rose. Many thanks Rose for your unique and fresh approach with your Upfront & Personal stories. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each story. Very well done!"

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