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    "I have a passion for words and storytelling.

    Whether writing, teaching, or giving talks,

    I craft words and stories that inform, influence,

    and inspire my audience." Rose Ors


    "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your wild & precious life?" —Mary Oliver


    I started ClientSmart in 2014 to teach my legal industry clients new and refined ways to think about the business of law. Then, in 2017, I had an "aha" moment. What if I created a column where I interview influential members of the legal community? What if I ask these extraordinary leaders questions that reveal "the person behind the title?"


    The idea became a reality when Thomson Reuters said "yes" to publishing my column. My first interview was with the always gracious and insightful Mark Chandler, CLO of Cisco. The interview became the monthly column, "Upfront & Personal."


    What began as a single column has evolved into a series of columns, interviews, articles, case studies, and white papers. It has also evolved into talks, presentations, and classes.


    I bring to my almost new adventure over 30 years of building relationships in the legal industry. I bring my experience as a serial entrepreneur inside and outside the world of law.


    I bring a love of language—its power to inform, influence, and inspire. I bring a passion for telling stories that celebrate people, ideas, and movements.  


    And, lastly, I always do my best because I truly care.


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    I conduct one-on-one interviews & moderate panels at retreats & conferences.




    I conduct interviews with legal industry leaders for print & online publication.



    I write articles & papers on hot-button legal topics.


    I give talks on:

    • The Power of Stories
    • Personal Leadership
    • Executive Presence


    I offer classes on:

    • Personal Branding
    • Impactful
    • Professional Networking

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    In all I do,
    I help move conversations &

    relationships forward.


    Column: Upfront & Personal

    Learn about the person behind the title.

    Click here to read the profiles.

    Column: Curious Minds

    Learn what influences & inspires legal change makers.

    Click here to read the profiles.

    Limited Series: Voices In Sustainability

    Learn from sustainability & ESG leaders.

    Click here to read the interviews.

    Column: On Leadership

    Conversations with law firm leaders.

    Click here to read the interviews.

    Other Notable Interviews

    Interviews with trailblazers & thought leaders on topics ranging from sustainability, digitization, access to justice to law school education.

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    Rose Ors moderating a panel at Berkeley Law School. Topic: How Women Rise In Legal

    Hot Button Topics

    Berkeley Law | Women in Law Initiative

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    Blog: LOOK ...

    More articles, musings & ruminations.

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    Women in Business Law Initiative

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    Connie Brenton | VP, Law, Technology and Operations, NetApp

    "You have an intuition and a style that brings out the soul of those you connect with, teach, and write about. It's an amazing talent. I have been honored to be a part of your contributions and insights on the legal profession and its leaders."

    Mark Chandler | Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, Cisco

    "Rose Ors is a smart, sophisticated and highly professional journalist who knows the legal space backward and forward. I've worked with her on a couple of stories. In both cases, she was able to capture not just the words (which she did concisely and accurately), but the spirit as well -- so that the reader could understand context. She's great to work with, and her ability to relate well to the people she interviews does not interfere with the independence, judgment, and objectivity required to create credible stories. I don't hesitate to work with her on any story where we have a desire to participate."

    Mark Smolik | General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer,

    DHL Supply Chain Americas

    "Rose you are an inspiring and creative writer. Although I can surely only speak for myself and my team, we oftentimes go about our daily routines so focused on seeking opportunities to continuously drive meaningful value to the organizations we serve that we have little time to learn about others in the industry in a way portrayed by Rose. Many thanks Rose for your unique and fresh approach with your Upfront & Personal stories. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each story. Very well done!"

    Adam Sterling | Executive Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Business

    "We've had the pleasure of working with Rose for the last couple of years. She is a phenomenal writer, interviewer, and colleague."

    William Henderson | Law Professor | Editor, Legal Evolution

    "I recently worked with Rose on a Q&A session for Curious Minds. This is how it worked: Rose asked good, hard questions; I rambled and ruminated; Rose listened, distilled and edited; and something elegant and useful came out the other side. What a talent! I would love to work with Rose again."

    Rosanna Neagle | VP for Legal Affairs, Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream/Nespresso

    "Thank you Rose for creating this platform [Upfront & Personal] to share our stories. Your questions were insightful and-- for me--perfectly timed as I close out a long chapter as a corporate lawyer and embark on the next adventure(s). Your creative energy and enthusiasm will be an inspiration!"

    Jennifer Warner | Vice President Legal, Columbia Sportswear

    "I recently had the chance to be interviewed by Rose for her Upfront & Personal series. It was a great experience. Rose was able to inspire a level of genuine self-reflection that I would never have expected. Such a pleasure to work with her!"

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