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    OUR CLIENT VALUE > We do more than help our clients on "how" to do things better—we help them rethink "what" they do and "why" they do it.

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    The Business of Law Done Smarter

     The future of the business of law is now.

    Hello & Welcome

    We teach our clients—law firms and in-house legal departments—new and refined ways to think about the business of law.


    Our teaching and coaching approach is focused on four centers of excellence — RFP Programs, Sales Training Programs, Key Client Programs and Pricing Workshops. Our rigorous and engaging learning modules motivate and inspire our clients to adopt new habits that lead to measurable financial success.


    ClientSmart is a new company built upon over 25+ years of studying the business of law and 15+ years in successfully redefining it for the better. It's also built on commitment and passion for helping others succeed.


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    Rose Ors CEO and Founder | ClientSmart

    Conversations That Matter

    How does your law firm communicate and deliver value as a significant differentiator?

    This was the central question of the roundtable, Beyond Experience: THE GAME CHANGERS. If you missed the conference or the roundtable be sure to read my companion article, Beyond Experience — The “Value” Game Changers on the LEGAL EXECUTIVE INSTITUTE blog.


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    Request for Proposals RFPs | Legal Services



    Key Client Program for Law Firms |Strategic Client Program



    Sales Training for Law Firm Associates and Partners | Business Development Training for Law Firms






  • 5-Step Approach

    1. We ask questions and listen. We ask more questions and listen some more. It's a continuous, non-stop loop.

    5-Step Approach

    2. We customize our programs to achieve our clients' interim and long-term success.

    5-Step Approach

    3. We launch our programs in partnership with our clients. We monitor agreed upon success metrics with informal and formal feedback.

    5-Step Approach

    4. We acknowledge the stumbling blocks. We celebrate the wins—small and large.

    5-Step Approach

    5. We remove the stumbling blocks and refine the wins to make them repeatable and better still.

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    For Law Firms & In-House Counsel

    Request for Proposals RFPs | Law Firm Services

    Request for Proposal Programs

    Increasingly, the Request for Proposal (RFP) is the process in-house legal departments use to select outside law firms for a single matter, a series of matters or legal services panels.


    Our in-house counsel RFP Program details a step-by-step process for issuing an RFP that prompts high quality, informative responses.


    Our law firm RFP Program is designed in different modules to fit each client's transition from a partner-driven model to a firm-wide evaluation and response-to-win model.


    Read our 5-Part Series on how law firms can increase

    their RFP "win rate" on our blog, LOOK.



    We want to learn about you and how we can partner on establishing a new program or improving your existing one.


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    For Law Firms

    Sales Training for Law Firm Partner and Senior Associates

    Sales Training for Lawyers

    Our sales training program is designed as two distinct modules that can be tailored as stand-alone programs or as a single, seamless initiative.

    • KickStart is for new partners. 
    • MasterClass is for seasoned rainmakers.

    We want to learn about you and how we can partner to reach your new client and existing client retention and growth goals.


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    For Law Firms & Clients 

    Key Client Management for Law Firms

    Key Client Partners

    Creating strategic and win-win growth relationships with key clients is a priority for sophisticated law firms and their equally sophisticated clients.


    Our Key Client Program's focus is to assist law firms to provide a clearly articulated and robust client-centric service model that adds sustained and measurable value for the law firm, the law firm partners and the clients.


    Read our blog post on LOOK on the benefits of a

    high-performance Key Client Program.


    We want to learn about you and how we can partner to reach your client retention and growth goals.

  • CEO + Founder | ClientSmart

    | Team |

    Rose Ors | Founder + CEO


    Rose brings to her clients over 20 years in leadership roles that give her a unique, multi-lens perspective on the business of law and an entrepreneur's eye for win-win business solutions.


    Her more traditional roles include: lawyer at both small and large firms; general counsel; and director of business development for an Am Law 200 firm. Her entrepreneurial roles include pioneering the use of contract attorneys—building a one-person shop into a five-office national enterprise purchased by a NYSE-listed company. She was also the founder and CEO of an investor-backed online learning marketplace.



    University of California, Berkeley

    B.A. Rhetoric


    University of California, Berkeley (Boalt)

    J.D. Law Review + Moot Court Board



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    Gerry Swider | Vice President


    Gerry brings to his clients a disciplined approach and analytical rigor developed working for over 20 years for multi-industry Fortune 500 companies in a variety of accounting and financial analysis positions.


    His knowledge of business processes helps creates client programs that are structured, practical and focused. His financial acumen and financial controls expertise ensure that each client program is focused on delivering a return on investment.


    Key Roles

    > The Walt Disney Company

    VP, Corporate Management Audit


    > Pepsico Food Systems

    Director of Finance


    > Northwest Industries, Inc.

    Senior Director, Budgets & Analysis



    University of Notre Dame

    BA Business Administration, Accounting Cum Laude


    University of Chicago

    MBA Concentration in Finance





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