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    Moving Relationships & Conversations Forward — Story by Story

    Rose Ors

    I help you tell your stories.

    But not just any stories—stories that

    inform, influence and inspire.

    I am the founder of ClientSmart. For three years, I taught my clients—law firms and in-house legal departments—new and refined ways to think about the business of law.


    Today, I write stories that my clients want to tell.


    Here's my pivot story.


    It all started in 2017 when I got a crazy and wonderful idea to create a column where I interview influential members of the legal community and ask them questions that bring to the forefront what I call, "the person behind the title." The idea became a reality when Thomson Reuter said "yes" to the idea and published my first interview with the always insightful Mark Chandler, CLO of Cisco.


    Fast-forward to today, and I have had the great pleasure to interview and profile some of the leading thinkers and doers in the legal industry. I invite you to read their stories in my monthly column, Upfront & Personal.


    As a result of the success of Upfront & Personal, I have been asked by my clients to do interviews and write stories for them. In the process, I have found a new calling— writing pieces that move conversations and relationships forward in a meaningful way. I bring to this new adventure over 25 years of building relationships in the legal industry and providing creative approaches to the business of law. I also bring my experience as a serial entrepreneur inside and outside the world of law.


    Come back the first week in November to check out the new website with more stories and other good stuff.




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